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The G1 Health Services Section is the primary facilitator, coordinator and information channel for all Medical Administrative Processes, which include Active Duty Medical Extension (ADME), Medical Retention Processing 2 (MRP2), Reserve Component Manage Care-Mobilization/Training (RCMC-M/T), Continuation on Active Duty (COAD)/Continuation on Active Reserve (COAR), MOS Administrative Retention Review (MAR2), Line of Duty Determinations (LOD) and Medical Evaluation Board (MEB).


MSG Amy Slater, NCOIC


SGT Crystal Borgellin, MEB NCO


SGT Ivannah Perez, LOD NCO



645 New London Ave,

Cranston, RI

Hours of Operation: M-F 0800-1630


  • Line of Duty (LOD)

    Once the military has issued an LOD determination for a qualifying medical condition, the SM may seek care for the LOD injury/illness at their local MTF.  If the member does not reside in a MTF area, the Military Medical Support Office (MMSO) will authorize care.


    To register at Naval Health Clinic, New England in Newport, RI (click here)


    To make an appointment, call 1-888-NAVY-MED


    Medications associated with LOD conditions are coordinated through MMSO.  National Guard members may be eligible to receive reimbursement for medications in connection with their LOD conditions.  For more information, go to www.Tricare.mil/tma/MMSO/how.aspx  and click “How to submit pharmacy reimbursement for Guard and Reservist with line of duty (LOD) injuries/illness”.

  • Integrated Disabilty Evaluation System (IDES)

    For Soldiers referred under the duty-related process, the IDES is comprised of the Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) and the Physical Evaluation Board (PEB).


    The DoD and the VA have started a new joint disability system known as the IDES.  The IDES combines the DoD and VA disability processes and uses a streamlined evaluation for deliver of a total benefits and compensation package.


    If you have been told you or your family member are in or about to go through a MEB, please contact your Soldier’s Medical Readiness NCO at his/her Brigade, the Case Manager at the Medical Detachment, or someone in HSS to answer your questions.

  • Army Body Composition Program

    Commanders will monitor all members of their command to ensure that they maintain proper weight, body composition and personal appearance.  Soldiers will be weighed semi-annually (October and April).  SM exceeding the screening table weight or identified by the CDR for appearance suggesting that body fat is excessive will be taped.  Soldiers failing to meet their proper body weight and body fat standards will be entered into the ABCP and flagged.


    Multiple mandatory administrative requirements will be accomplished with their unit readiness NCO.  Soldiers will be weighed and taped monthly to monitor progress.  AGRs will be referred for nutritional counseling.  All SMs will be reenrolled into unit remedial physical fitness program.  SMs who continue on a monthly weigh-in and body fat taping will be counseled to show progress or lack of.  SM who do not make satisfactory progress in the ABCP after a 6-month period and for whom no medical reason exist to cause the overweight condition will receive a mandatory bar to reenlist or administrative separation.



  • MOS Administrative Retention Review

    Service Members (SM) are referred to the MAR2 when the underlying medical condition does not meet the medical retention standards of AR 40-501.  MAR2 is designed as a CDRs tool to identify SMs in their units who have permanent medical Limitations (P3/P4) and to request an administrative review to determine if the SM meets

    Their AOC/PMOS standards outlined in DA Pam 611-21.

U.S. Army Physical Disability Agency


Phone: 1-877-577-3065


Department of Veterans Affairs


VA Benefits Phone: 1-800-827-1000









Suicide Prevention Anne Santilli (401)-275-4115 CRISIS INTERVENTION In Rhode Island, if you or another Service member you know is in crisis, call Leah Berg (401)-280-0031
Sexual Assault Response Coordinator MAJ Michelle Branch (401)-480-6028



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